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Dr Agravat Tourism Apps for Android Mobile & Tablet

India’s First Dental Tourism Apps for Android Mobile & Tablet

for Android Mobile & Tablet

“First Time in The World & India’s First” Dental Travel Android Mobile Apps launching Ceremony in star cruise in the Hong Kong.

India Dental Travel Vacation Mobile Apps
Dental and Medical tourism in India has attracted over so many people around the world. The practices of traveling to a foreign country for the purpose of dental treatment isn’t new, but thanks to India’s diverse attractions, modern infrastructure, international airport, delicious traditional food, famous Indian hospitality and friendly people, more and more dental/medical tourists prefer Ahmedabad Gujarat for Cosmetic Surgery, Smile Makeover, Dental Implant and face lift fix a denture in india.

“Dr Bharat Agravat” Apps
Dr Agravat Dental Tourism India Mobile application helps patients learn about the best dental treatment in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
It’s a Travel & Dental Treatment information mobile application. With the best cosmetic and dental implant surgeon Dr Bharat Agravat offers dental tourist from around the globe quality and cost effective best dental treatment in India.
“We are Proud to Announce Dr Bharat Agravat”
• Dr. Bharat Agravat was named as Gujarat’s one of the “10 Best Doctors in Ahmedabad” rated by USA
• Dr Agravat is proud to receive: 5***** rating based on recommendations from our customers on the value and quality of our services in UK

This useful Application is available for free download and will allow you to…..
• One Click call for instant access to Dental Office
• Patients can directly schedule an appointment by email feature
• Asks Dr Agravat – Record your questions & send dental query.
• Any Dental Pain related Emergency please send a photo use the Virtual Camera to indicate which tooth or teeth are in pain or are in need of emergency treatment.
• Access post treatment notes or instructions immediately without having to contact the office.
• Get directions to the office instantly from anywhere with the Interactive google map & direction.
• Appointment reminders. Never miss an appointment again. Reminders can be scheduled days or minutes before the appointment.
• Get dental assistance when travelling worldwide.
• Patient Education
• Patient Testimonials
• Virtual Tour of dental clinic
• Built-in Social Media Links: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more…
• Comfort and security of feeling the doctor’s presence right at the patient’s fingertip
• One Click emergency call feature
• Doctor’s profile, mission, philosophy, etc.
• Convenient Tell-a-Friend email feature
• Promotions and specials offers delivered instantly to our patients
Dr Agravat Dental Tourism India
Mobile Apps for Tablet and Android

Downloading now for free
• The apps are available for free download.
• Get the “Dr Bharat Agravat” app from “Play Store”
Designed & Optimized by Dr Agravat It Services.

Dr Agravat Dental Tourism India Mobile Apps for Tablet and Android.

The Dr Agravat apps Medical/Dental Tourism to India, Learn Basic dental glossary Words, Learn more with the Cosmetic dentistry App download, Interactive Dental Inquiry Forms.

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“Dr Agravat Dental Tourism India Mobile Apps for Tablet and Android Phone”

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